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MEANS OF PAYMENT: On-line Payment Sure

Can pay with charge card with total security. We propose you different means of payment. You found to continuation all the necessary information of the different means of payment.

Payments totally secure:

  1. do not save the numbers of card of credits for the payments. These personal data send directly to the banks with which work, without being able to access to them.
  2. To the moment of the transmission of data to the bank, use a technology of encryption that allows that they transmit in shape safe all the personal data requested in a transaction, like the name, the direction or the number of charge card.

To speed up your shopping, propose you the following methods of payment:


For all the payments realised with banking cards, the amount of your request sera reserved in your card and the debit realised automatically of your account to the moment of the validation of your request.

To realise the payment, need:
  • name of the title of the card
  • number of your card
  • date of caducity
  • code of security

That it is the code of security of his card?
The code of security was especially created by banking institutions to guarantee the the physical possession of the card.
The systems VISA and MASTERCARD use a code of 3 digits


If you want to realise your request without communicating your number of banking card, have the possibility to pay with total security with the system Paypal.

Have an account PayPal ?

During the process of payment, will be sent directly in the official platform of Paypal. After realising the payment, will go back automatically our web. It remember: you do not forget to accredit his account Paypal before realising the transaction or have his account connected to your banking account.

Do not have one has Paypal?

Have to open an account in Paypal, is totally free. Afterwards for all your payments with Paypal, only will have to indicate your direction of email and your password in the place of Paypal to validate your payment. It is a free solution, the commission of the transaction no this to charge of the customer. You can open your account in