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09 jul, 2018

The Santiago Way

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Camino de Santiago is the one that everyone should do once in their life. The Camino de Santiago is the most important pilgrimage route in Europe and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But there are many routes that can be done to reach the goal. Below we explain each one of them.


French Way

One of the most extensive that begins in Saint Jean de Pied de Port, in the French Pyrenees. It is the most important and popular pilgrimage axis and also the busiest pilgrimage, since all routes that run through Spain end up coming together at one point or another with it. The layout of this road in Spain and France is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

North Road

From Irún to Santiago de Compostela, the traveler has the possibility to enjoy an infinity of monuments of natural and cultural interest as few other pilgrimage routes.

Portuguese Way

Route of extraordinary beauty and cultural interest, followed by Portuguese pilgrims. This route is well marked and well endowed with hostels in such a way that it presents a magnificent opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Santiago through it.

Camino Primitivo

It was the first Jacobean route and transits from Oviedo. King Alfonso II made a pilgrimage to Santiago in the 9th century through this same route. It has a great beauty although it is much less known and frequented than other routes of pilgrimage to Santiago.

Choose the route you like best, reserve days on your calendar, buy comfortable footwear and enjoy the Camino!


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