23 abr, 2018

Do you know Islas Cíes?

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Islas Cies are one of the most beautiful places in Spain and are attended by hundreds of visitors every day in the high season months for tourism. But do you know these islands well? We tell you eight curiosities.


1.- It is the only national maritime park in Spain.

In fact, it is classified as a maritime-terrestrial national park. And it is part of the Illas Atlánticas National Park.

2.- The Romans called them Islands of the gods.

To its natural beauty its situation is united, very near the End of the World (Finisterre).

3.- The only way to access these islands is by sea.

In the summer tourist season and Easter, Vigo ferries depart from each day bringing visitors to the islands of Monte Agudo and O Faro. The rest of the year can only be accessed by private boat (can be rented in the area).

4.- The beach of Rhodes is considered by many the best beach in the world.

The British newspaper The Guardian thus qualified it.

5.- It is a magnificent place for diving.

You have to keep in mind that the waters are cold even in summer. Among the aquatic animals that you will be able to enjoy are the octopus, the arroaces or the sea urchins.

6.- In the Islas Cies you will find the largest colony of yellow-legged gulls in the world.

These islands are a sanctuary for many birds. The majority presence is that of the yellow-legged gulls, of which there are more than 22,000 pairs. In fact, it is the largest colony in the world of these birds.

7.- Only 3 mammals live habitually in these islands.

It is about rabbits, otters and sea urchins. Even human presence is very limited. Currently they are only occupied by the campsite, the restaurant and the services of the Park.

8.- Prehistoric archaeological remains have been found in the Islas Cies.

Some belonging to the Paleolithic, others to the Neolithic and others to the Bronze Age. For them it is known that there were human settlements in the place in these times.


Now that you know a little more, you can book our excursion to the Islas Cies. Check the conditions and reserve!


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