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27 feb, 2024

Galicia prepara la Semana Santa

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Holy Week emerges as a period of intense devotion and deep-rooted tradition. Galicia, with its sweeping landscapes and rich cultural heritage, welcomes this festivity with a solemnity and fervor that captivates locals and foreigners alike. From the moving processions to the typical aromas of its cuisine, Galicia invites you to explore and immerse yourself in it.

Galicia is devout and has a very long tradition in Easter.So much so, that two of its localities reached the distinction of Festivity of International Tourist Interest for this festivity: the Holy Week of Viveiro and the Holy Week of Ferrol.

To these two municipalities, others are added with the title of Festivity of Tourist Interest of Galicia such as the Feast of the Holy Christ of Fisterra, the Holy Week of Cangas, the Holy Week of Paradela, the Holy Week of Betanzos, the Holy Week of Mondoñedo, the Holy Week of Santiago de Compostela and the Holy Week of Lugo.

Easter Week of Viveiro

Although the festivity is preceded by the Adral program, the highlight of the Holy Week of Viveiro begins on Holy Thursday with the procession of the Last Supper and the procession of the Prendimiento, organized by the Brotherhood of the Prendimiento, which stands out for its red and white tunics and hoods.

During the morning of Good Friday, the procession of the Encounter takes place, in which the figure of Christ, the Dolorosa, St. John and Veronica participate. Already in the afternoon, after the Desenclavo, the procession of the Holy Burial is celebrated, the most spectacular of all, with the bearers of attired with a black talar costume and great hood and mask.

Holy Week in Ferrol

Ferrol dresses up from Domingo de Ramos to Resurrección with numerous processions that revolve around the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

With more than 400 years of history behind it, Ferrol's Holy Week is full of contrasts and emotion in charge of its five brotherhoods: the Angustias, Dolores, Merced, Santo Entierro and Soledad.

Among its processions are those of Good Friday, led by the Holy Meeting in the morning, the Holy Burial in the afternoon and the exciting procession of the Caladiños, which runs through the streets of the old town.

Easter Week Gastronomy

In Galicia there is no celebration without gastronomy and, as it could not be otherwise, all the Galician geography turns on its stoves to taste the typical elaborations of these dates. From torrijas, to fried milk, Easter bread rolls or even cod pie, Easter is also an ideal time to gather around a table and enjoy delicacies in good company.


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