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22 ago, 2023

Five festivals in Galicia to say goodbye to August

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If there is one thing that characterizes the summer in Galicia, it is the large number of festivals and fairs that we can enjoy throughout its territory. Although we have already crossed the halfway point of this summer edition, there are still many celebrations to be part of and, today, we talk about eight of them that will be in charge of saying goodbye to the month of August.

Folión de Carros de Chantada

Every fourth Sunday of August, the chantadinos and chantadinas celebrate the Folión de Carros. Different groups build structures on traditional wagons that invade the town during the night of Saturday, coinciding with the patron saint's festivities.

There is a parade of carts, pulled by cows and oxen, which are preceded by traditional music groups that awaken the festive atmosphere. The event was declared a Festivity of Tourist Interest of Galicia in 2002 and an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2019.

Festivity of the Istoria in Ribadavia

During the summer it is usual to witness more than one celebration in which the past is the great protagonist. This is the case of the Feast of Istoria in Ribadavia, which will fill the Jewish quarter, decked out for the occasion, with tourists and locals dressed as different medieval characters.

The meeting will start at 11.30 am on Friday August 25 with the opening of the craft market in the Alameda and the opening of the castle gates.

Xuntanza Internacional de Gaiteiros de Monterrei

When we talk about Galician music, one of the first figures that comes to mind is the bagpiper. This is the main protagonist of the Xuntanza Internacional de Gaiteiros de Monterrei, which will be held this Friday 25 and Saturday 26 August.

It has different activities such as monographic courses related to the world of traditional music, exhibitions, craft market with the participation of luthiers and the festival itself, which attracts audiences from all corners of the Galician and national soil.

Festival of the eel and sample of the cane of the country of Valga

Until next Saturday 26th we will be able to taste eel elaborated in different forms. The exaltation of this fish is celebrated since 1989 and, two years later, it was agreed to celebrate it together with the gastronomic festival that shows traditional spirits.

During these days of celebration, different activities are carried out such as the "Anguía Chef" contest in which the best cooks of this special dish are selected.

Meira's Malla Festival

This event aims to commemorate and praise the ancient work of cereal netting. The Playa Mayor of Meira is the chosen stage to represent this exhausting agricultural work.

Visitors can also enjoy a popular meal, craft stalls, an exhibition of old machinery and, of course, the performance of musical groups throughout the day.

The historical, cultural and gastronomic offer is wider than we might think. During this week, the Condado do Tea wine festival will also be held, from August 25 to 27; O Naseiro, in Viveiro, from August 25 to 29; and the Romaría de San Ramón de Bealo, in Boiro, on Thursday, August 31; among other proposals.


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