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16 nov, 2023

Five curious facts about Santiago de Compostela that you may not have known about

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Santiago de Compostela is one of Galicia's historical jewels. It is not only known for its imposing cathedral and its importance as a pilgrimage destination, but also for its rich history and vibrant culture. The Galician capital holds many secrets and mysteries to be discovered and, today, we tell you some of them.

The ghost of a pilgrim

If you are discovering the streets of the old town at night and climb the stairs from the Praza das Praterías to the magnificent Praza da Quintana, you may get a little scare. On the walls of the Cathedral you will see the shadow that corresponds perfectly to a dressed pilgrim. It is said to be the soul of a French pilgrim who was trapped in the Cathedral.

Another legend, however, attributes this shadow to a priest who had fallen in love with a nun and met her through a passageway under the steps of the square. This one, he would have proposed him to elope to the woman and, characterized of pilgrim, he appeared in that place in that place in which she never came to appear. It is said that he never lost hope and that he still goes to the Praza da Quintana to wait for his beloved.

However, the reality is different: the shadow is the result of the projection of a column and a play of light on the facade.

The ghost of a pilgrim

In the corner of the Praza das Praterías stands a scallop shell. To be more specific, the largest scallop shell Santiago. There are even those who say that it is capable of supporting the weight of the entire structure of the Cathedral.

The tree of science

On Rúa do Franco, between Fonseca and San Xerome and very close to Praza do Obradoiro, stands the Tree of Science to which many students head to learn about their future careers.

This metal sculpture, protected by a glass case, is the center of a very curious ritual of young people. They make three turns on themselves and, once finished and with their backs to the sculpture, they point to one of its branches on which there is a branch of knowledge.

The towers of the Cathedral, the inclination and the devil

Two of the towers of the Cathedral are leaning. While the Berenguela has an inclination of twelve centimeters, the tower of the Bells reaches a whopping forty centimeters.

On the other hand, the Clock Tower, known as Berenguela, also has legends surrounding it. It is said that, if at midnight instead of ringing 12 bells, it rings 13, the devil will have a magic hour to walk around the city.

From Goose to Goose...

Some say that the Goose Game has its origin in the different stages of the Camino de Santiago. Each one of them would represent a square in the game and, the bridges of this one, with those of the pilgrim route.

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