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29 oct, 2023

Five must-see places in Galicia to visit in autumn

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Galicia offers a unique experience in autumn. With its mild climate, breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, this season is ideal for exploring and exploring every little corner. Today we present you five must-see places to visit in Galicia during the fall, or any other time of the year!

Santiago de Compostela

The capital of Galicia is a place of great spiritual and cultural importance. In autumn, the city takes on a special atmosphere, with rain-lit cobblestone streets, the Alameda covered in fallen leaves and the iconic Santiago Cathedral as a backdrop. Be sure to visit the Plaza del Obradoiro and immerse yourself in the city's rich history and culture.

Rías Baixas

This coastal region is known for its stunning beaches, vineyards and delicious gastronomy. Pontevedra, Combarro or Cambados are some of the favorite destinations, not only for their history and beauty, but also for their gastronomy. Wine tastings and meals with fresh seafood as protagonist are a must on this visit. In addition, the coastal landscapes are tinged with warm colors, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Ribeira Sacra

This corner of Galicia is famous for its impressive river canyon, where ancient monasteries and terraced vineyards can be found. In autumn, the vineyards are dressed in shades of red and gold, creating a truly spectacular landscape. You can explore the region on a catamaran tour on the Sil River to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Ézaro Waterfall

This unique waterfall in Galicia falls directly into the sea, creating a breathtaking spectacle. During autumn, the rains increase the water flow, making the waterfall even more impressive. The surrounding natural environment is filled with autumn colors, adding a special touch to your visit.

Cíes Islands

These islands, part of the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, are a true natural paradise. In autumn, the influx of tourists decreases, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of its white sandy beaches, hiking trails and wildlife in a quiet and peaceful environment.

These five destinations in Galicia offer a wide variety of experiences for nature, culture and gastronomy lovers. Autumn is the perfect season to explore the community, as you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in Galicia's rich history. Don't miss the opportunity to visit these unique places and many others with Simply Galicia! Send us an email to and we will tell you all about our tours in detail.


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