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Our Recommendations: Festa do Albariño

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Galicia taste to Albariño

It is not a secret that in the veins of Galicia not only runs the rainwater, sea and rivers ... Wine is part of Galician culture and is linked to the tradition and know-how of this land. One of the best known is the Albariño wine, which this week is in the crosshairs of all Galicians and those who are not.

Cambados, known as the capital of Albariño, pays tribute to this native grape of Galicia and has its cradle in the Rias Baixas. In this post we answer a question Why go to Cambados on the Feast of Abariño?

Because Galicia in summer is party and no party is complete without being accompanied by a good glass of wine. During the five days the village is filled with stalls of all surrounding wineries. All attendees can go to test the year's harvest. It's a fun, cheap and convenient way to taste the best albariños in the area. Cambados is a must for all lovers of good wine.

But not only that, the party Albariño is a meeting place. The atmosphere of fun and love of wine and gastronomy is felt in every corner. Declared of national interest, also it has room for good music with a broad lineup of concerts that take place in the Plaza de Fefiñáns: emblematic area of ​​Cambados.

It's hard work being left alone with a winery or a wine among much variety but if you go to the party Albariño names like Counts of Albarei, Martin Codax, Abbey of San Campio, Quinta de la Torre, Paco & Lola or Lagar de Costa will not return to happen to you unnoticed.

One thing is certain, a tradition that dates back to the 50s and today continues to attract thousands of people have to have something special. Do we have a drink?


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