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25 sep, 2023

Autumn in Galicia: 5 not-to-be-missed gastronomic festivals

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Autumn has been officially inaugurated and, little by little, we are beginning to see its typical palette of ocher colors, feel its cool breezes and taste its comforting flavors. Galicia has an almost infinite list of popular gastronomic festivals throughout the year but those that are located in this newly released season, have something special. Chestnuts, cogomelos or faba beans are some of the star products.

Lourenzá Faba Festival

The Festa da Faba (Bean Festival) started in 1990 as an initiative of the Lourenzá City Council to promote the consumption of this legume. Since that first edition, the gastronomic exaltation of the faba bean was surrounded by all kinds of recreational and cultural activities.

The characteristics of the soil, the abundant rainfall and the cultivation techniques make A Mariña an ideal place for planting this bean, which was recognized with the Protected Geographical Indication Faba de Lourenzá. Two types are grown, the Faba Galaica and the Faba do Marisco, which each year attract the interest of producers, buyers and consumers.

The festival, which has enjoyed the recognition of Galician Tourist Interest since 2003, began to be held on the first Sunday of October, although now the activities are extended throughout the weekend.

Seafood Festival

If we can boast of something in Galicia is the quality of our seafood. And they know a lot and well in O Grove. From October 5 to 15, a new edition of the Seafood Festival, declared of National Tourist Interest in 2013, will be held.

The fame of this festival has reached outside Galicia and visitors come not only for all the elaborations with seafood, from the most traditional to the most innovative, but also for the cultural offer.

This year you can enjoy concerts by Lontreira, Fillas de Cassandra, La Casas Azul, Sidonie, Celtas Cortos and La La La Love You, among others.

Chestnut and Cogumelo Festival

Already entered the month of November, comes the high season of chestnuts and cogomelos. The Concello de Riós organizes, since 1990, a festival to publicize these two typical products of this mountainous area of the province of Ourense.

During November 4th there will be informative talks about chestnut trees, mycological outings, a gastronomic contest of chestnuts and mushrooms, a photographic contest and exhibition booths with local products.

Chestnut Festival

Simultaneously in the parishes of Folgoso do Courel and Seoane do Courel the chestnut is also celebrated. On Friday, November 10, a new edition of a festival that has been celebrated since 1986 will be held for the first time.

Visitors can taste chestnuts accompanied by wine and music. There are also all kinds of activities such as craft exhibitions or tastings of products derived from chestnuts.

Magosto Festival in Ourense

The Magosto is typical throughout Galicia but if we talk about Ourense, the party is much bigger. During the next November 11, the city will celebrate the patron saint of the city, San Martín de Tours, and will exalt the chestnut one more year. Since 2008, this popular festival has earned the distinction of Festival of Tourist Interest of Galicia.

These five popular festivals and much more is what Galicia and its land can offer during autumn. Do you dare to discover it?

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