23 may, 2016

Our Recommendations: Pontevedra

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PONTEVEDRA: the city of kindness

Heart of the Rias Baixas, Pontevedra is a recommended visit. Provincial capital, according to legend, was founded by one of the heroes of the Trojan War, Teucro. Today is a friendly city where the hospitality of its people becomes visible in every corner.

It is easy to get pulled into its wonderfully preserved old town ... explore its pedestrian streets, admire the popular architecture or rest in its parks and terraces. You will feel at home.

The Lérez River is the artery of the city. Water is a fundamental part of Pontevedra, it feels, it smells and it marks the cheerful character of their community.

Its emblem is the Virgen de la Peregrina, patroness of the city and is characterized by having a church with its name with the shaped plant of "vieira", symbolizing the importance of the Portuguese way to Compostela.

Pontevedra is a city to live on foot, it is small with large pedestrian areas and many attractions: the squares to Verdura, firewood, or Teucro, to Ferraría, the market with Galician products of first quality, the Pontevedra museum with a large collection...

Relax, let yourself go and understand why it is one of the best cities to live. Pontevedra awaits you.


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