01 jul, 2016

Our recommendations: San Andrés de Teixido

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San Andres de Teixido: place of legends

"A San Andres de Teixido go from non foi morto or alive", this popular saying is inseparable from the history of esta magical place located in the cliff and crowned by ITS famous shrine. It is located in the Sierra da Capelada, halfway hidden rocks Among Cape Ortegal and Between Cedeira.

The legend says That San Andrés, sad to see his lonely temple and jealous to see the great Influx of pilgrims in Santiago Asked the Lord for help, who promised that all mortals would visit his temple,  living or dead reincarnated in an animal.

Today is the second pilgrimage center of Galicia and is Known as the Mecca of Gallegos. Not only the legends make this place a unique visit, ITS unparalleled beauty With the sea and the cliffs leaves any visitor speechless.

The white color, of the village, the blue sea, the green of Its mountains ... all in San Andres are sensations since glimpsed from afar Until arriving.

The best way to Understand the soul of the place is being carried away by people. Everyone will tell legends and stories about prep visions, noises penitent pilgrim steps ... every corner, every stone tells a story. Mysticism and nature Have developed over the passing years to San Andrés de Teixido in one place, with a unique history and to say good-bye, will leave a unique memory.

Go better alive than dead, right?


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