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29 sep, 2022

O Courel: a getaway in Galicia that you can not miss this fall

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The arrival of autumn does not mean giving up plans away from home. At Simply Galicia we have numerous getaways around the community for you to enjoy one of the most mysterious and pleasant seasons of the year. We offer you different travel packages of short duration, usually scheduled for a weekend and today we present you one of our latest additions: the Serra do Courel.

Courel Mountain

The mountain range of O Courel, in the province of Lugo, boasts the waters of the Lor river and impressive peaks over 1,500 meters of altitude such as Formigueiros, Montouto and Pía Paxaro. The formation has an extension of more than 20,000 hectares and, according to Serra do Courel, geologically it is the most complete of the Galician mountain ranges. Its high peaks contrast with deep valleys in which the Mediterranean forest is combined with the Atlantic: O Courel boasts chestnut, oak, yew, beech, ash, alder, hazel and holly trees, as well as a wide range of fauna.

The mountain range extends through the land of Lugo, through the municipalities of the Comarca do Courel: Folgoso do Courel, for the most part, Quiroga and Pedrafita do Cebreiro.

Getaway to the mountain: mysteries of Courel

Our proposal will be irresistible: three days and two nights discovering all the mysteries of Courel.

This mountain getaway, perfect for the beginning of October, includes two nights in a rural house in an enviable environment, Casa da Aira, in a double room with breakfast included. On the other hand, we will take a 10 km hiking route through the mountains with a specialized guide. And, as there are no two without three, we will enjoy a meal with local and seasonal products at Casa Anduriña.

Roman mine of Toca: an origin of gold

The very name of O Courel indicates it. It is believed that the name of the mountain range takes its origin from one of the most coveted minerals by the Romans: gold (aureum). The area has the presence of Roman mines such as Torubio, Millares or A Toca, and we will visit the latter.

The Roman mine of Toca is a place full of history. Therefore, we will have a guide who will tell us all the mysteries of the excavation. This is located on an impressive hillside, very deep, between the villages of Piñeira and Vilela, and in it, you can still see the remains of the Roman works of exploitation by the ruina montium system, also known as corta de minado. This consisted of bringing water up to the gold veins through a system of channels and then down through previously excavated tunnels.

If you would like to know more about these impressive mountains, do not hesitate to ask us at 698 186 670, at or consult all our tours.

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